Sunday, January 17, 2010

Barney Free Zone…sort of

Our house is a BFZ (Barney Free Zone).  The purple monster has been declared an enemy of the state in our home.  This is mostly the hubby’s doing but I don’t disagree too much with it.  That being said the kiddo is aware of who Barney is, he learned from daycare.  I’m okay with it, but there are times when we have Barney sightings on television and I usually try to get past it as fast as possible without comment.  So far it seems to work.

On New Years day one of the tv channels had a Barney Miller marathon.  The hubby and I both were sucked in for pretty much the whole day.  Every time we mentioned Barney, the kiddo popped up with interest and then we had the discussion that it wasn’t the Barney he thought it was but it was Barney Miller.  The upside now is any time we mention Barney he automatically asks if it’s Barney Miller.  Tonight he heard the theme music while he was in the tub and recognized it as “Barney Miller, Mom?”

I think the purple dinosaur has been beat.  How cool is that?

Talk to you later.


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