Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm back

So I've been away for a while.  I don't have a good reason except that I haven't been motivated to write for a while.  Work has been extremely busy and we have had an episode of strep and an infected toe to be dealt with.  Because of that there was the Halloween that wasn't as we stayed home and handed out candy.  My poor son hasn't had a Halloween costume in 2 years due to illness.  Next year buddy, next year is your year. 

That brings us to November where I have been busy trying to knit scarves for Christmas, since I'm so slow at knitting that leaves little time to post.  But I'm making progress.  See...I think I'm improving.

I think I'm improving the hardest part is staying on task.  It's very easy to get lured in to all the pretty colors and ideas.  I have to fight to finish each and every project.  Otherwise I will end up with at bunch of half finished projects of various colors and styles.  I keep telling myself that after Christmas I can actually work on something for myself.  I have a ton of things that I want to work on.  Of course I live in Texas and by the time that I finish my projects for myself it will be summer and I'll either have to turn A/C way down or wait patiently for cooler weather in sometime in December.  Well back to knitting.  I have a scarf I want to finish by the end of the weekend.
Wish me luck.
Oh and I promise I'll be posting more often.
Talk to you very soon.