Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Fair Workout.

On Friday we went to the Texas State Fair.  Both the hubby and I were very excited, we figured that this would be the year the Jacob would really start to get the fair.  We had visions of corndogs and funnel cakes, rides and just plain fun.  So Friday morning we got up early and got ready to go.  Both of us independently made a decision not to take the wagon.  We figured it didn't work out last year, so this year we would skip it.  That's a decision we came to regret. 

We had to run a few errands before we actually headed to the fair but we got there soon after it opened.  Our first stop was the petting zoo.  That was a huge hit.  Jacob was totally in his element checking out all the cool animals.  So it was onward to other side of the fair to get the holy grail of corndogs.  Fletcher's corndogs, the original.  Right away Jacob decided he didn't want to walk.  He wanted "mommy to carry you".  So mommy picked him up and we were off on our quest.  Daddy kept trying to carry him but he wasn't having it. 

So we demolished out corndogs and headed off to find more fun.  Big Tex and the trains were a hit.  But then we started back towards the rides and mommy had carry him again.  And again daddy tried and met the brick wall of preschooler reluctance.  It was just one of those days that he wanted mommy.  We did get to ride one ride.  Some little whale ride that was a little overwhelming for the exhausted one.  I did have a small reprieve after that, for a whole 10 minutes daddy got to carry him.  But then Jacob realized that I was still there and back to mommy he came. 

At that point we decided to start heading toward the car.  I wanted a funnel cake but unfortunately none were to be had in the section we were.  I guess I have to wait till next year for that yummy goodness.  We'll also take the wagon and perhaps wait until after naptime.  Also hubby and I will try to sneak off to the fair alone so we can actually see the boring stuff mommy and daddies like.

The next day I realized just how out of shape I am.  My arms and legs hurt, that was a heck of a work out.

Talk to you later.

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