Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jacob's Birthday Party

Jacob's birthday party was on Saturday and it was a hit.  It had been raining for several days prior and was windy and at 55 degrees much colder than the 72 that the weather man had predicted.  So there weren't as many people as expected but that didn't matter.  Everybody had a great time at the farm.  I would recommend Owens Spring Creek Farm to anybody who want's to have an reasonably priced party.  There was a hay ride (we didn't get to it), feeding pen, hot dogs, a pumpkin patch, horses of all sizes, donkeys and chickens.

At the end of the party the kids got to pick out their very own pumpkin.  My friends son had no trouble locating a pumpkin.  He just wanted the biggest.  My niece helped Jacob pick out his pumpkin.  His main criteria seem to be to find the cleanest pumpkin.  He'd pick up a pumpkin by the stem, see the grass and dirt stuck to it and say "It's dirty" then he'd replace the pumpkin and start the process over again.  Eventually a pumpkin was located that was deemed clean.  

Me stressing out about how great the party needed to be was a non issue.  Everyone had a great time.  I don't think that Jacob even realized that the whole thing was for his birthday.  Though he has got the concept of birthday cake.  Every night since the party he wants birthday cake.  Keeping him out of it has been a chore.  Well that's it for the moment.
Talk to you later.


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