Monday, February 1, 2010

It’s another Monday

Let me think…where to begin…Well it’s often good to start at the beginning.  I woke up and managed to get the kiddo up and out the the house with minimal issues.  As the car started I realized that I needed gas, so after dropping the boy off at daycare, it was straight to the gas station.  While there an epiphany occurred it was cold and they have hot chocolate.  So I got a large hot chocolate.  Not a terrible way to start the day.  Once I arrived at the lighting Mecca of Dallas I wandered around to the passenger side and “oh Crap” I had a flat tire.  Great.  I should tell you that my inspection sticker is a bit out of date and I’ve been putting off getting it because I needed two front tires.  Of course the flat tire wasn’t one of the tires that was scheduled for replacement.  That meant I needed 4 tires instead of 2.  A bunch of poop.  So this evening I spent a good bit of time at NTB waiting on them to replace my tires.  I did get to work on my knitting a bit.  But as I was leaving I noticed two lights that were on that weren’t there before.  Oh and the car was jerking forward and the breaks didn’t want to work.  Dooky times 4.  So immediately I turned around and went back to the tire shop and they fixed what was screwed up.  Somehow a piece of plastic got in somewhere and started making the car go amuck.  That happens when you open the hood and all I asked you to do was change the tires.  So finally I was on my way home and as soon as I get home I noticed that our friendly neighborhood code inspector had visited us again.  Apparently when he was here two months ago (twice in 4 days) he missed our fence leaning.  Apparently it leans in a way that offends him.  I’m starting to think this person has something against us.  He’s been hanging out in our alley which backs up against a metal fence.  Nobody behind us for us to offend but we seem to tick this guy off for some reason.  So tomorrow I’m going to call this annoying pest of a person and question his motives in attacking our home.  He’s ticking me off and I want to know why I feel like we are being targeted.  The guy next door had a broken old cabinet in his drive way for two months and nothing.  We had bushes (that’s being generous, more like shrubs) that had been there for years before we moved in and they weren’t far enough away from the alley for his liking.  I’m less likely to offend this person tomorrow than the hubby so I’ve volunteered to call.  Problem is I’m extremely annoyed and might not keep my temper in check, hopefully I’ll keep it civil.  So all in all and extremely expensive day.  I’m going to binge on chocolate chip cookies and try to stop thinking of the running commentary I’ve got running through my head of what I want to say to “the man”.

Talk to you later the cookies are calling me.



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  1. Rachel, I found your blog very entertaining. You write like you talk. Thanks for a good read. Mom's friend, Sarah