Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time to March on…(or so long February)

February has now come to a close.  I for one am grateful and have high hopes that March will be huge improvement.

It’s been a rough month at work and home.  It’s been one of our most expensive months as well.  Being the shortest month it has created quite a bit of turmoil at the Unknown homestead. 

So with high hopes I look toward March, it’s time to start thinking about my fantasy garden and hopefully I will be able to bring some of it into reality.  I have plans to use part of the front yard for herbs and I want to use a lot of containers. 

We will have to build a new fence this month and I guess I will have to face doing the taxes and keep my fingers crossed that we won’t have to pay much or at all.  So there are some obstacles to contend with.  But with Spring on the horizon our grotesquely huge electricity bill should decrease and I have plans to decrease some of the other monthly bills. 

So I have hope.  I think that’s important, it would be so easy to just give up but I can’t.  Too much is riding on me keeping it together.

Well wish me luck that March doesn’t turn out like its predecessor February. 

So long February I’m not sorry to see you go.

Talk to you later.

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