Friday, July 31, 2009

Work stress

So work is becoming even more stressful than ever. There were three terminations today. It's a small company and we had already had layoffs prior and I figured we were already bare bones but unfortunately the economy has finally really started to hit the lighting industry. I'm fortunate to have attached myself to a vital outside salesman. Our motto is that "We will do anything" which seems to work so far. But I do see that there is less business out there. I hate that people have been laid off but I'm grateful that it wasn't me. So I've been trying to figure out alternate sources of income and think I might have come up with a couple of ideas but I'm pretty sure it's not enough, diversification seems to be the key. I'll keep working on it and perhaps I'll come up with million dollar idea, or even a few thousand dollar idea. Anything to keep the dream rolling along. Talk to you more later.

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