Saturday, August 1, 2009

My new obsession

I have an obsession. I am on Facebook and at first I avoided the games, I'm 37 years old and figured it's time to stop the games, I haven't pulled out my gamecube for years. But then I saw several of my friends were doing it. Obviously, if I wanted to be cool and be part of the in crown I should at least take a look at it...right? So I signed on to play Farmville. At first I wasn't so sure. But see, I didn't get the garden I wanted this year so I've have this itching to grow something and that itch has slowly taken over and now I'm one big chicken pox. I'm a Farmville farmer and I am constantly checking on my crops. What's worse I have also signed on to FarmTown as well. I now have two farms to manage. But see they are something that I can control. If I'm stressed out I can go check on my crops and there they are waiting for me to take care of them with very little effort, just a few clicks of a mouse and they are ready to go. No snakes, bugs, 105 degree heat, humidity. The only drawback I see at the moment is I don't get to revel in my harvest. No tomatoes for my salad, no squash for my quiche, no eggplant to frighten the hubby and child away from the table. But for now it's seems to be enough.
I have a friend who has also fallen prey to the temptations of FarmTown, it seems to be good therapy for her. I only hope it can help her get through this tough time. She was one of the ones let go yesterday at work and it just sucks. But she is a very neat individual who will survive and I'm hoping that she'll find something that will nurture her creative side. I think that is part of what she gets from FarmTown. A way to create something that is an expression of her.
Well I have to get back to my crops...the rice will be ready to harvest any minute..
Talk to you later.

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