Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad to the Milk Bone

I took Zsa Zsa our 14 year Shih Zhou to the vet today.  She has been having trouble getting up and has also been having potty issues.  She’ll get up to head to the door and go to the bathroom before she gets to the door.  Once she’s finished she keeps going to the door like she is going to go outside to potty.  So we’ve let this go for a while but finally decided to make the trip to the vet.  We had a hard year with pets as we lost our buddy Luther last year and then Jimi had his issues (which seemed to have straighten themselves out) as well.  So anyway we have been putting this trip off because we were afraid of the bill and the outcome.  After all she’s 14 years old and I fear her time might be coming.  It will be a particularly hard friend to lose.  My hubby has had her since she was a puppy and it will be devastating to lose her. 

Anyway off to the vet I went.  When we got there one of the first things that happened was they had me muzzle her.  Did I mention she’s 14 and I’m not sure she has all her teeth.  They took her temp and then the Dr. came in.  We have a great vet, he will go to great lengths to save an animal.  Of course it’s often at great expense as well.  He sees sucker written on our foreheads and we do pay these extravagant fees.  After looking at her he let me know that her back knees won’t stay in their sockets, she’s obese (I figured that one out already) and that’s she’s most likely senile.  He ran some expensive blood work and informed us that the rest of here was fantastic, which was good news.  I have anti inflammatory meds and senility meds to give to her.  And I’m a bit lighter in the wallet, but not as bad as it could have been.

When they took the Zsa Zsa away to do the blood work I knitted.  I heard a dog in the back making a large fuss, it sounded as if it was crying and putting up a fuss.  For a minute I thought it was baby girl, but discarded that idea as crazy.  So I knitted for a bit and they brought her back, and I knitted some more.  One of the girls came in to see if I wanted some water while I waited and we talked for few minutes.  She’s been working there for a long time and remembers our hoodlums vividly.  She remarked that Zsa Zsa looked tired after her ordeal.  Apparently that was Baby Girl making that racket.  At that I was informed that Zsa Zsa has a note in her chart to muzzle because she tries to kill them every time she goes to the Dr.  What’s more our cat Snoopy has the same note.  Apparently our animals are a menaces to society.  It cracks me up that our animals are considered dangerous.  With Snoopy there’s good reason, we’ve always had to pay the “bastard fee”  I’ve never noticed it with the dog though.  Well I have to go let her outside.  Here’s to hoping that the drugs work fast.

Talk to you later.

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