Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have internet access at the house...finally.

I have finally have a new computer...a netbook actually.  Kind of a baby laptop.  So far it's pretty cool, not terribly fast but nifty none the less.  There will be some challanges that I will have to overcome.  I'm going to need an external drive so that I'll be able to upload pictures and perhaps a wireless mouse, because the little pad thingy can become cumbersome.  But I'm just tickled to be online.  I was feeling very out of touch with the world without internet access at the house. 
Now I can be portable and be able to join the family instead of being relegated to the guest room.  Then again I like the guest room, its the one room that has stuff I brought to the family, my decor and my color choice for the room.  I find it a calm room.  I'm able to relax in this room and be myself for a few minutes.  Plus it has the added benefit of being able to lock out the animals.  If I hang out where they can find me Jimi (my stalker) will waller all over me.  He's doing it right now, so forgive me for typos, they are most likely cat induced.  
It's amazing how much we rely on the internet.  Most of my news comes from there.  I'm able to cherry pick what I will and will not listen too.  Since having a child I find that I have a very low tolerance for stories that involve harm to children.  Mostly I skip politics, the hubby and the rest of my family listen to enough of that for me.  I get to hear both sides very passionately whether I want to or not. 
Work is over an hour away from the house so I don't have a big social life outside of the hubby and kiddo.  I get up, go to work, go home.  So most of my contact with friends is though the internet.  Without that I would probably go nuts, sometimes a mommy needs other women around.  Well I'm going to go play with my new toy for a while. 
Talk to you later.

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