Monday, January 18, 2010

New week and new things to worry about and decide.

Well, we’ve started another week.  Hopefully things pick up at work.  I hate to think of the consequences if it doesn’t.  But it’s important to stay positive and not get mired down in the quagmire that is negativity. 
So on the plus side, my mother has started her own blog.  How cool is that?  I have a feeling that its going to be great.  After all she has lots of material living with my father.  He’s usually up to something and often there are twists and turns to his adventures that unusual.  I look forward to reading it. 
I’m trying to decide on a new knitting project.  I’m having a small block on trying socks.  It’s hard to find a socks for idiots pattern.  I’m nervous that it won’t work plus I really need to find new needles in the correct size.  It seems like you can never have enough needles.  I am also trying to decide on a color for a cool poncho that looks like it’s in my inexperience level.  Hard to choose between lilac and something called marlin, kind of a turquoise.  I’m leaning toward the marlin.  Just seems difficult pulling the trigger on this one. 
Well I’m going to mull it over a bit more.
Talk to you later.

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