Sunday, September 27, 2009

Age is a state of mind,

Every so often I start to feel my age.  I'm not saying I'm old.  Though tonight with my wrist bugging me coupled with the new pain in my right shoulder that showed up today I'm feeling every bit of 37.  Most of the time there is no conscious thought to my age.  As a matter of fact I only gave up comics a little over three years ago and that was a purely financial decision not an age related one. 

I was having a conversation last night with one of my very best friends and realized that we have been friends for 22 years.  Thanks to Facebook, I'm in contact with people from even further back in my past.  The oldest friendship dates back to the late 70's.  It doesn't seem possible that its been that long even though the math is right.  It's true what the grown-ups told me as a child that time goes faster as you age.  I remember waiting for holidays to arrive, thinking that they were never going to arrive.  Now I can't believe how fast they arrive. 

Most of the time I don't even feel like a qualified grown-up.  So when is it that a person becomes old?  I've seen people younger than me with old decrepit personalities, and older people with way more youth and energy than you would imagine possible.  I do truly believe that age is a state of mind.  So why is it the body has to remind the mind about my age?  Well that's enough pondering tonight.  This somewhat old lady has knitting to do.
Talk to you later.

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