Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mr. Marbles

There was a Seinfeld episode that mentioned a character named Mr. Marbles.  I don’t remember much except for the last scene.  Jerry is in bed and all of sudden he hears a noise and then the pitter patter of little feet.  You then seen the shadow of something small running across the room  “Mr. Marbles?” he said.

Well, we have our own version of Mr. Marbles.  Jacob has started coming into our bed in the middle of the night.  We’ll be lying in bed and hear the door down the hall open, then shut.  Then there is the pitter pat of bare feet on a hard floor.  Our door will open, then shut and he’ll come all the way around to my side of the bed and crawl in with his puppy.  Ten seconds later he’s out.  I don’t get the sense that he’s scared I think he just misses us.  Now, before anyone berates me for not taking him back to his own room I will admit I’m not a perfect parent.  I am a parent who wants as much sleep as possible and I choose to let him remain with us for the hour or two we have before I have to get up.  And I have to admit as a working mom who doesn't get to spend enough time with her son, I enjoy it a little.
Last night didn’t go as smoothly as normal.  Around 4:00 am I heard the door to his room open and shut.  I heard the feet.  And then I  heard him in the living room gathering up his motorcade of matchbox cars.  I also heard him drop them, about three times.  Hubby was kind enough to go to the living room to help.  “Jacob come to bed” he said.  Jacob’s reply was “I dropped it.”  “I know buddy, here I’ll help.”  Then they both came back to bed.  Jacob climbed into bed with his cars.  Daddy decided to stay up a while longer and started to leave the room.  In the dark the kid somehow realized that he was missing two cars that daddy had picked up.  “My cars!”  Daddy returned to bed and gave him the cars.  Ten seconds later the kid was out.  I’m actually impressed that he can think that coherently in the middle of the night.  
According to my mother I did the same thing when I was his age.  I apparently would make several trips back and forth bringing all my stuffed animals and baby blanket.  I guess I should be happy he only brings puppy and a few cars.
Eventually we'll have to put a stop to the trips but I'm going to enjoy it for a while.
Talk to you later.

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