Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Real men eat quiche

I have started making quiche’s (really Bisquick’s impossible pie) a while back.  I wanted to have something for breakfast that wasn’t Whataburger.  I’ve enjoyed them immensely.  It is such a pleasure to have something ready to go in the mornings.  Plus, it saves me around $25 a week by not going to Whataburger.  But try as I might I could never get hubby to try it.  He just couldn't find it appealing.  I know it’s a cliché, but I think the name is part of what was putting him off.  Well for some reason today was the day he took a couple of pieces to work, and actually tried it.  I'm happy to say I think he liked it.  Of course he could be humoring me, since I've been pestering the dooky out of him, he might be trying to shut me up.  Mission accomplished, now on to the boy.  Here's where the ideas that my mother used on me go to work on the boy.  It's no longer quiche, it's now ham and cheese pie.  So far it hasn't worked with the boy.  But I'm hopeful.  I figure once he's decided it's not yucky blah, then it will possible to hide extra veggies like bell peppers in it.  Wish me luck.
Talk to you later.

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