Sunday, September 13, 2009

So it's been a interesting and nice weekend.  Here's the run down.  Saturday, Jacob got a haircut, looks great, still has his curls.  Got into a minor car accident, everyones ok, Jacob keeps mentioning that Daddy's truck got bonked in the head.  Spent the rest of the afternoon, dealing with insurance companies, good news not our fault so we shouldn't be out anything.  Whether or not that actually occurs we shall see.  Spent the rest of the day just hanging out inside the house due to a very rainy weekend.  Today, got up early and started straightening the house.  The first Cowboy game of the season, and hubby was having company.  Baked from scratch Chocolate Chip cookies, (my personal favorite).  The hubby tricked up a couple of frozen pizza's and I managed to forget to take the second one out of the oven on time, so it was a little crispy but salvageable.  Took the kid for a ride so I could get some rest, it worked! he fell asleep.  Then knitting and goofing off for a couple of hours.  After the nap was over it was quality time playing with his trains.  Now I'm hoping he'll fall asleep and I will finish the laundry that has piled up all weekend.  Well wish me luck.
Talk to you later.

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