Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Boy Hates to Sleep

I have a son that hates to go to sleep and today was no exception. Weekends are the worst. Today he went without a nap. Let me tell you an almost three year old who hasn't had a nap can be a terrifying opponent. Today alone we've had hyperactivity, manifesting itself as a one man Tonka truck race through the house. We've had him crying at the drop of the hat, especially when mommy takes away the "toys" he shouldn't be playing with, like my box of books on tape. I'll have to resort all of them, something I'm not looking forward to. To just plain stubbornness, of course that part is probably normal. If this had been a normal night I would have started the bedtime ritual around 8:00 and usually he would finally crash around 10:00. Tonight we took the easy way out and took him for a ride to go to bed early and he was out by 8:00. I don't advocate this but once in awhile a momma needs her sleep.

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