Sunday, August 30, 2009

I must be nuts

Last week I decided to start knitting and make the hubby a scarf for Christmas.  So far it's going pretty good, I've been able to work on it during lunches at work.  I think I have a pretty good chance of finishing it and perhaps making Jacob a matching one as well.  Since things seem to be going well knittingwise, I apparently decided to press my luck.  I'm now contemplating making an afghan for my father-in-law.  What I really wanted to do is to crochet the afghan.  That means I need to teach myself how to crochet.   I've spent part of the day today trying to do just that.  I suck at it.  The few practice pieces that have been created look like giant knots.  I'm going to keep trying but in the mean time I am going back to trying to knit the afghan as a matter of fact I've actually started it.  I'm an idiot. 

I've never made anything besides a scarf and now I'm attempting two projects at a time and one is huge.  What on earth made me think that I can accomplish all this in my spare time?  I'm either an idiot or nuts, perhaps both.  But yet I feel compelled to do this.  The desire to create things has been great lately and this seems to be a good outlet.  

Well that's it for now.
Talk you later.  

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  1. Try thinking of it as process and not a goal to finish a product. Recognize what the process brings forth for you, acknowledge all the aspects of it (enjoyment, frustration,maybe even more emotions that surprise you, do some inquiry about it all then let it go, don't attach to any of it. Who knows when you'll pick it up and work on it some more. Keep following the urge to create beauty. Love & light--Terry Dove-Swall