Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Library Night!!!!

I'm a big reader and I've started to go to the library every three weeks to get a bunch of books to hopefully be able to finish by the time the cycle is up.

I love the library, it's one of my favorite places to go, my sanctuary. It's probably the only time I get 40 minutes to an hour all to myself. Nobody want's anything from me at this time, except for my library card. My excitement is usually palpable during the day, waiting for 5:00 so that I can go straight to the library from work. It makes me happy, and even better it is FREE!

When I say that it's a bunch of books, I mean that I usually get around 11 - 13 books. Depending on the book and my preference at the time I can usually get through most of the books. I'm a fairly fast reader and usually read during lunch and before bed at night.

As far as the genre of books that I read, I'll read just about anything but tend to lean towards series mysteries. I like to get to know the characters. I also enjoy books that make me laugh, humor is very important to me.

So here are the selections from this trip to library:

Hex Marks the Spot
Madelyn Alt

A Charmed Death
Madelyn Alt

Curing the Blues with a New Pair of Shoes
Dixie Cash - New author to me

Good Luck
Whitney Gaskell

Pushing 30
Whitney Gaskell

Murder of a Royal Pain
Denise Swanson - I really enjoy this series. I love small town mysteries. You get to know everybody.

The Fourth Bear
Jasper Fforde - I've read the first in the series The Big Over Easy, this definitely fits into the mystery/humor category

Thursday Next in Lost in a Good Book
Jasper Fforde

This Charming Man
Marian Keyes - She is a great Irish author who infuses a lot of humor into her books. Her books on the Walsh girls are really good.

The Other Queen
Philippa Gregory - Historical fiction, a friend of mine has turned me on to some historical novels lately, a bit of departure for me, but I've really enjoyed them.

Between the Bridge and the River
Craig Ferguson - I love Late Late Show when I'm able to stay awake. When I saw this I just had to check it out.

To Say Nothing of the Dog
Connie Willis - Same friend that turned me on to historical fiction inspired this selection. She's reading Doomsday book, but my library didn't have it.

Compulsion: An Alex Delaware novel
Jonathan Kellerman - I really enjoy his writing, both he and his wife Faye Kellerman are a couple of my favorite authors.

If anybody has any suggestions on authors or books, I'll be happy to check them out (pardon the pun). Hopefully I've inspired you to pick up a book or two. Maybe even you've discovered a new author, that would be cool.

Well off to read a book.
Talk to you later.

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