Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Library night, again

Well, tonight was library night.  The last three weeks have been kind of crazy and I didn't manage to read all the books that I checked out, so this time I resolved to only check out a few books at a time.  Maybe 6 or 7, after all I started the scarf I'm knitting for the hubby's Christmas gift and won't be able to read during lunch time as much.  That was the plan anyway.  Somehow that plan went awry I managed to check out 13 books.  That means I have a little over a day and a half to read each book.  It's possible, but not likely.  I can't seem to stop myself when I'm at the library.  I just wander around browsing through the stacks and 30 minutes later I look at my bag and it's full.  That's usually my cue to go.  The pile is so tall that I'm almost embarrased to check out.  Hopefully they understand.  Well, I've got a lot of reading to do I better go.  Talk to you later. 

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