Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mommy must be tired.

For the last two days I've taken my almost 3 year old to day care with his shoes on the wrong feet. I'd like to tell you that Jacob has decided to start putting his own shoes on in the morning and he hasn't figured out his right shoe from his left shoe yet. That's what I want to tell you. But unfortunately, if the truth be told it was mommy. How sad is that? Mommy hasn't been sleeping much and apparently it's manifesting itself.

My reasons for not sleeping vary. For instance last night I wasn't able to get to sleep until about 11:30, the hubby came to be around 12:30. I know I looked at the clock. At 2:35 the kiddo showed up in bed, and yes I let him stay, because mommy is trying to sleep and if I got up and took him back to his room there would be a discussion and mommy wouldn't get back to bed for at least 30 minutes. At 4:00 on of the cats started howling looking for either someone to play or feed him. At 5:30 the alarm went off telling me it's time to get up. Snooze was employed a couple of times, I did finally get up at 5:50.

Now in my defense, it is usually dark at the time that I'm putting his shoes on. The good news is that he hasn't notice that mommy seems to be right/left deficient at the moment. Hopefully I will get some sleep tonight and accomplish the goal of dressing my child without minor mishaps.
Well I'm about to crash. Wish me luck.
Talk to you later.

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